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M’sian Man Calls Woman ‘Prostitute’ After She Ignored His DMs, Says She’s ‘Cheap’



M'sian Man Calls Woman 'Prostitute' After She Ignored His DMs, Says She's 'Cheap' - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Dissolve & Twitter
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Listen to this post:

It’s very (and sadly) normal for girls to receive messages from random men online, just as it’s pretty normal for those men to be ignored as most of the time, as they’re total strangers.

Most men have accepted this and move on after a couple of tries but there are some men who just can’t handle being ignored.

For example, Aqif (@dodorent) took to his Twitter account to showcase a man that had slut-shamed his girlfriend and called her cheap, all because she had ignored his LinkedIn messages.

He wrote, “Hi guys! Those who have LinkedIn, please report this guy.  He had the audacity to label my girlfriend a prostitute for not responding to his message. This horny guy is on the loose. Please help a brother out by spreading this tweet. Thanks.”

The man had apparently sent multiple messages to Aqif’s girlfriend, including his phone number, and called her arrogant for not responding.

Source: Twitter

He then upgraded his account and continued to harass her via the platform’s direct messaging system, until she could not take it anymore and told him off.

“Yes, I am (arrogant). I don’t even know you. So, bye,” she said to him. Unable to handle the rejection, he then sent a paragraph of insults with the intention of demeaning her.

Source: Twitter

He wrote, “I also don’t know you. But you are the girl who’s doing sales. A cheap girl, as your brown baju kurung makes you look like a prostitute. Stop thinking that you have a good career. You can’t even generate leads.”

First of all, how does a baju kurung make someone look like a prostitute?

But honestly, Aqif’s girlfriend clearly doesn’t take nonsense and completely shut him down with one simple line.

“What a bitter fatty.”

We hope the man has learned his lesson – women will not be bullied.

Aqif’s posting has since garnered over 2,500 retweets.

You go, girl!


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