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M’sian Husband Slashed by Wife After Expressing Wish of Getting Second Bride



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Source: Berita Harian
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Let’s be honest, no woman in this world likes to share her husband with another woman. Hence, when this man expressed his wish to marry a second wife, of course his wife took offence.

According to NST, a 55-year-old husband got into pretty bad shape after he told his wife about his intentions of taking in a second bride. This incident took place last Thursday at their home in Kampung Manek Urai Lama in Kelantan.

 - World Of Buzz

Obviously his 58-year-old wife didn’t like what she heard, so she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and returned to the room to slash her polygamy-minded husband who was lying down. Run for yo life! 

The poor husband was caught off guard and suffered injuries on his head, back of the neck, forehead and right arm. He was later sent to Manek Urai clinic where he received over 15 stitches on his head and forehead.

“No police report was lodged and the couple has reconciled,” Kuala Krai deputy police chief Deputy Superintendent Zulkarnain Ismail Al Haj said.

This incident also went viral on social media and many netizens had mixed feelings about the attack.

“Well, that surely escalated quickly. I’m just wondering how he can sleep with his wife on the same bed every night after this,” a concerned netizen said.

“I’m surprised the husband didn’t see that coming because the question he asked will make any woman go amok!” another female netizen commented. 

Well, we’re certainly glad to hear that he’s doing fine and recovering now. Let’s hope this is the first and last time he ever asks this highly provocative question, as nobody knows what will happen the next time he does!


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