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M’sian Grandma’s Adorable Reaction to Using WhatsApp Voice Notes For the First Time Goes Viral



M'sian Grandma's Adorable Reaction to Using WhatsApp Voice Notes For the First Time Goes Viral - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Grandparents are truly a blessing, I mean, they defend us from our parents, they feed us non-stop, and they’re funny.

Unfortunately, a lot of us live quite a distance away from our grandparents and can’t seem to find time to take trips to visit them. Hence, we often come up with alternative, telecommunications-based methods to assist in spending time, speaking to and seeing our beloved grandparents, even though they’re not exactly technologically inclined.

This girl’s family had decided to buy her grandmother a new phone so that she can participate in their family’s WhatsApp group chat, and what happens after may be the cutest thing in grandparent history. Amoi (@FtynnFrhna) shared the incident in a now viral Twitter posting.

Amoi explained in the thread that the family had wanted to teach their grandma how to use WhatsApp’s voice note feature so that she would not have to type out messages. But the grandma, when testing out the feature with a greeting, had assumed that it was similar to a voice call!

When recording her message, she questioned why no one was responding to her!

The posting was captioned with, “Assalamualaikum! Takde orang jawab pun?”, meaning “Assalamualaikum! No one is answering me?”, which is what the grandmother can be heard saying in the voice note.

Amoi can also be heard trying to explain to her grandmother that the voice note had to be sent first before a response can be given, though she could hardly hold back her laughter at her grandmother’s super cute confusion.

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Ever since Amoi shared the incident about her grandmother, netizens have been leaving comments about similar experiences with their own grandparents and complimenting how cute Amoi’s grandmother’s reaction was.

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “So cute!”

Source: Twitter

This one says, “Same with my grandfather. Except he doesn’t hold down the voice note button like he’s supposed to. He’ll click on it once and start talking.”

Other netizens, upon seeing Amoi’s posting, came to a realization of how much they miss their own grandparents.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

This comment reads, “I miss my grandmother. She always sends me voice notes asking me how I am.”

Grandparents are truly a gift, but they’re a gift that may not be around for very long. That’s why, while they are still around, we should take the time out of schedules to actually spend time and be around them while we still can.

Amoi’s posting has since garnered over 29,100 retweets.

Be right back, planning a trip to my grandma’s house. 


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