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M’sian Girl Shockingly Finds Hidden Camera in Portugal Accommodation She Booked via Booking.com



M'sian Girl Shockingly Finds Hidden Camera in Portugal Accommodation She Booked via Booking.com - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Nowadays, there are plenty of accommodation options for us; there’s Agoda, airbnb, and more. However, who would’ve known that an accommodation booked from the reputable booking.com could’ve turned into a scary encounter? Worse, the place was given a 9.2 rating too!

Rubee, a Malaysian netizen, recently took to Facebook to warn fellow users about the possible dangers of booking from a credible website.

Rubee had booked a place to stay in Porto, Portugal via booking.com, but during her very first night, her friend discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom.

When she was about to take a shower, she realised that something was off about the socket. To her horror, she panicked and tried to call the cops. Throughout this whole time, she tried not to startle the owner who was staying at the lower level of the house.

“That was about 12am. I tried calling for help and was finally able to get the police’s helpline. The police’s English wasn’t too good so we wasted quite a lot of time telling them what happened.

Source: Facebook

“When the police finally arrived, they rang the door bell. Everyone was so worried because we thought the owner surely knew what’s up already.

“We waited about 30 minutes, and the police finally got their hands on the hidden camera. We didn’t want to wait, we quickly packed our luggage and got ready to leave the place.”

As they left the place, Rubee passed the authorities the house keys and mentioned how the house owner refused to make any eye contact (indicating he’s obviously at fault).

Source: Facebook

However, before they got into their taxi, Rubee noticed that the police were having a cigarette and chit-chatting with the house owner.

“I felt like they may not take this case seriously. They even talked in Portuguese for a long while.

“I didn’t want them to bully us just because we’re Asian.

“So, the next morning, we went to the Tourism police station to make a report of the incident. The police officers gave us a copy of the report to me, though they did mention that it’ll take awhile before any action is taken.”

Not staying put, the three girls decided to continue their travels, with their next stop being Lisbon.

Rubee later updated that the accommodation could no longer be found nor booked on booking.com.

Malaysian Girl Shares Terrifying Experience of Finding Hidden Camera in Bathroom of Portugal Accommodation - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

She ends her post emphasising again that the main reason for her sharing this experience is to serve as a warning to everyone. Whether you’re booking from a direct site or a reputable site, you’ll have to be on high alert.

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