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M’sian Shares Tear-Jerking Story of the Love Between Her Dad and A Stray Dog After He Passed Away



M'sian Girl Shares Tear-Jerking Story of the Love Between Her Dad and A Stray Dog - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Seriously. This story is going to make you tear up. It did for us anyway!

Recently, Twitter user @innn_ shared a story of a man and his doggo best friend and it will absolutely break your heart. The story revolves around her dad and a once stray dog, and seriously, the love between the two is better than any Twilight love story.

She shares,

“A few years ago, this dog (Johnny) appeared around our neighbourhood. We started giving him some food to eat because it was so skinny then. Over time, it would always sit infront of our house, guarding it, but it would never try to move beyond our gate.

“However, one day, he actually entered our home. That’s when we realised that he had wounds all over his body, and the ground was filled with its blood. My dad quickly asked the neighbours for help to send Johnny to the vet.

“When Johnny was all healed, the person it was most attached to is my dad.

“Dad’s the one who always gave him food to eat, he took care of Johnny like his own child. Whenever dad is eating out, he’d pick the bones for Johnny. If there weren’t enough, he’d ask for leftover bones from strangers instead.

“Some people said that what my dad was doing (picking up bones from strangers) is embarrassing, but my dad was never bothered about it. All he had in mind is to feed Johnny. My dad even trained it to behave, and sit quietly before its meals.

“When my dad passed away yesterday, Johnny sat by our house gate. It sat quietly and its face looked so sad. It didn’t make noise asking for food or anything. Later at night, it started asking for food, but dad is no longer here Johnny.

She then shares a series of screenshots of how her dad never forgets about Johnny. Whenever her dad is out eating, he will always make sure he had bones to feed it. This part is just </3

Source: Twitter

She updates that Johnny has eaten.

“Don’t worry. Even after dad is gone, we will always make sure to feed it. Thanks for praying for my dad. I’ll keep you guys posted about Johnny if there are any.”

Truly, the love between a man and his pet is absolutely heart warming. Cherish your loved ones, parents and pet while they’re with you.

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