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M’sian Flying Car Test Flight is a NO GO As It Only Has Permit to Fly in China



Flying Car Test Flight NO GO Because It Didn't Get The Approval From The Civil Aviation Authority - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: CAAM &TheSunDaily
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It’s good to have dreams and ambitions, but at the same time proper planning and execution is extremely important. We were supposed to have the launch of a great invention but due to the lack of preparation on the part of the authorities, even that dream has to be delayed.

We all got ourselves excited over the test drive of the very first Malaysian flying car that was supposed to happened TODAY! But, in true Malaysian fashion, it looks like the test won’t be happening, to our extreme disappointment. In a statement released by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) last night, they said that the test drive has neither the clearance nor the authority to happen.

Source: CAAM

In the statement, they mentioned that the location of the test drive at UNIKL MIAT Hangar Subang is less than 200 metres away from commercial airline and helicopter traffic from the Subang Airport, which is under strict regulation by the Air Traffic Control. As if this wasn’t enough, the demonstration flight that happened on the 15th of November last week also did not get proper clearance, and an investigation will be carried out.

“As much as CAAM supports the development of the aerospace industry in Malaysia, test and demonstration flights must be carried out in accordance with the Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulation 2016 (MCAR 2016) to ensure safety.”

They also added finally that they’re open to considering that the test flight be held at an appropriate location. It was mighty generous of CAAM to still allow the flight test to be held in a different venue despite the government not getting proper regulation. To those authorities who didn’t plan this test flight correctly, we’d like to say,

We can’t say that we’re not disappointed with this development, but we still hope that this test flight takes place sometime in the nearest future WITH the proper clearance! 


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