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M’sian Doctor’s Son Cries As She’s Self-Quarantined, Reaches Out To Her For Hugs



M'sian Doctor Shows Heartbreaking Moment Son Cries For Her As She's Self-Quarantined - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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The most we can do to help our medical professionals during the Covid-19 outbreak is to stay at home and avoid going out to crowded locations where the virus can spread, because the longer we ignore the government’s orders to stay at home, the longer we’ll probably have to endure quarantines and movement restrictions.

And that’s not ideal for everyone, especially mothers who have to separate themselves from their beloved children.

Khadijah Ismail took to her Facebook account to showcase her son crying for her as she’s forced to go into quarantine and distance herself from her family because of the fact that she’s a doctor treating potential Covid-19 patients.

She wrote, “This is my son crying as he wants to come closer to me but I can only watch him cry as I have been advised to self quarantine myself until my patient’s status is known. This is so heartbreaking. Please, Malaysians, please don’t be selfish. Reveal your status, contact with the ill, travel history to the triaging counter truthfully. Stop travelling, stop mass gatherings, listen to our KKM. Updated: Now that the government has issued the Movement Control Order, please stay home! Don’t go anywhere. Please help us fight this pandemic! We do not ask you to join us at the front lines, we simply ask you to stay at home.”

The adorable little boy can be seen in the arms of his father, as he cried and reached out his hand towards his mother who has quarantined herself on the top floor of their house.

This heartbreaking scene proves how quickly we need the Covid-19 virus to be cured and how much we need to cooperate with medical professionals and the authorities by self-distancing and staying at home during this terrible time.

If we all work together, the sooner Dr. Khadijah can reunite with her family and the sooner others can too.

Her posting has since garnered over 11,000 shares.

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