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M’sian Dad Needs Your Help to Decide Which Picture is Best For His Daughter’s BF



M'sian Dad Needs Your Help to Decide Which Picture is Best For Daughter's BF - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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It can be pretty nerve-wracking meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, because we all know how protective some dads can be when it comes to their precious daughter. This guy probably has it the worst though, because the father is a huge badass!

On 21 March, a netizen named Firdaus Francis uploaded several pictures on social media to serve as a ‘friendly’ reminder to his daughter’s boyfriend. If the young man knows what the father does for a living, he wouldn’t want to mess with him, because the father is actually District Police Chief for Tenom, DSP Mohd Firdaus Francis Abdullah.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Yeap, he’s a cop, and a high-ranking one at that!

When he uploaded the pictures, the caption was straight-forward,

Mana satu gambar yang sesuai untuk boyfriend anak saya?” (Which picture is the most suitable for my daughter’s boyfriend?) 

Source: Facebook

We think Firdaus’s facial expressions and his parang are enough to let his daughter’s boyfriend know that things will get ugly if he broke her heart! However, the thoughtful father also uploaded this heart-warming family photo, proving that he can actually be a nice guy if the young man behaves himself.

Source: Facebook

His pictures went viral on Facebook in just three days after being shared over 3,500 times among netizens who mostly admired his sense of humour. Some even described the ‘pak cik’ as cute!

“This pak cik is so funny. I bet no one dares to mess with your daughter, otherwise he’d be ‘minced’!” one netizen said.

“XXX, please remind me to post photos like these for our daughter,” a husband said after tagging his wife. 

Although there were no captions for those pictures, we think the message he was sending is pretty clear. Good luck to the brave young man who’s dating his daughter! 


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