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M’sian Confronts Chinese Conmen in Genting Highlands for Cheating People’s Money



M'sians Confront Conmen in Genting Highlands and Forced Them to Return 'Borrowed' Money - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Malaysians are mostly kind-hearted and generous people, which is probably why the number of conmen and beggars are sky-rocketing in our country.

A few days ago (April 2018), a group of conmen from China kena kantoi in Genting Highlands for making up excuses to cheat the public’s money. A netizen named Jeff, decided to put the video up on Facebook to warn Malaysians, especially those who frequent Genting Highlands.

Source: Facebook

He wrote,

“Please be aware of these Chinese people, they said they don’t have money to eat in Genting Highlands and that they have children studying in Kuala Lumpur waiting for their money.”

“They’d exploit your generosity to get money from you. Two of my colleagues lent them RM100 and RM200 respectively yesterday. They promised to return the money the next day.”

The next day, Jeff and his supervisor caught the conmen still going around asking for money. When confronted, the Chinese nationals kept smiling and tried to talk their way out of it, but Jeff and his colleagues didn’t buy the story and insisted that they return the ‘borrowed’ money.

One of the colleagues said,

“I waited for your phone call the whole morning but nothing came through. The problem is – I just saw you asking for money from other people. Just return all the money I lent you yesterday.”

He added, “So six of you spent RM200 on a meal? What did you eat? Abalone?” 

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

It was understood that they’ve only managed to return part of the money, according to Jeff in the comment section. The post went viral on Facebook with over 8,000 shares in less than a day. Many also shared their similar experience in the comment section.

“These few people are conmen! I’ve met them before in Balakong and they also wanted to borrow money from me. Luckily I didn’t entertain them,” a netizen said.

“I’ve come across two guys who wanted to borrow money a few weeks ago. They said they’ve lost everything to gambling and didn’t have money to buy food,” another Facebook user commented. 

So guys, please spread the word especially to your soft-hearted (read: gullible) friends so that they won’t get conned by these unscrupulous people.

Here’s the video of the confrontation.


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