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M’sian Brothers Wear Superhero Costumes To Hand Over Their Only Sister To Her Husband



Brothers Wear Superhero Outfit On Their - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Avengers assemble!.. Oh, and bring Kamen Rider along too.

As we live in a time when everyone appreciates the art of stepping out of the norms, we think this idea might destroy all evil on your wedding day.

Recently, a photographer, Fadhil Aman Ahyat II, shared pictures of a set of super brothers who decided that they should hand over their only sister to her new husband in the most honourable way possible during her wedding reception.

Source: Facebook

Now that’s a sight every husband should be scared of.

They probably handed her over with the message, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Posted by Fadhil Aman Ahyat II on Saturday, December 14, 2019

Admittedly, it is pretty goofy. But hey, as long as the whole family is happy. And it makes for some truly unique wedding photos!

Source: Facebook

Four personal super knights on duty!

Source: Facebook

In the comments, netizens just flooded these siblings with lots of love.

“That was very symbolic. They are trying to tell their new brother-in-law not to act up. Their little sister has a bunch of protectors.”

“The bride’s brothers are just supportive. Looks like they really love their little sister.”

“Having supportive brothers is really nice. May you live happily till the end. Congratulations! “

What do you think of this theme? Would you consider it for your wedding day? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.


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