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M’sian Allegedly Paid Over RM36 For a Plate of Nasi Kandar, Netizens Stunned



Source: Facebook
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Nasi Kandar is one of the most iconic food in Malaysia, but the bill can sometimes give us a massive heart attack if we’re not careful with what we put on our plate. #truestory

Just yesterday, two pictures began circulating on Facebook depicting a super expensive plate of Nasi Kandar and netizens were absolutely mind-blown when they saw the bill.

Source: Facebook

It wasn’t specified in the post regarding the type of meat that was ordered but majority of the netizens reckoned that it was lamb shank. So, logically, it’s going to cost quite a bit considering its size.

Brace yourselves, here comes the picture of the receipt. 

Source: Facebook

Yup that’s right, this plate of rice and lamb shank allegedly cost the customer RM36.50. Plus, with the glass of warm water and GST, the poor fella actually paid a total of RM38.90 for that meal at a famous Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang.

This exorbitant price stunned many netizens as RM36.50 for lamb shank and rice is ridiculous, while a few netizens actually thought the price was pretty okay.

“In this price range, I can easily get a lamb chop at a comfortable western restaurant. This doesn’t make any sense!” a netizen said.

“Nasi Kandar is never cheap. Plus, that piece of meat looks huge! If you want cheap food, please cook it yourself at home,” another Facebook user commented. 

Understandably, lamb is usually much more expensive than chicken, but does this plate of Nasi Kandar warrant a price tag of RM36.50? We’ll let you be the judge.

Editor’s note: Since there’s no confirmation yet from the authorities, the restaurant name has been blurred. You can view the original picture here


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