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“My Mom’s Car Perodua Axia Exploded This Morning…”



"My Mom's Car Perodua Axia Exploded This Morning..." - World Of Buzz 1
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Perodua offers a lot of attractive upgrades for their customers, but I’m pretty sure turning into a fireball isn’t one of them.

Just yesterday, a netizen, Caryn uploaded a few pictures of her mother’s Perodua Axia on Facebook and netizens were dumbfounded by it.

According to Caryn, her mother’s yellow Axia suddenly burst into flame by itself on Wednesday morning. This is really shocking considering the car wasn’t involved in any accidents and the fire started by itself.

She said:

“My mom’s car Perodua Axia exploded this morning without involving in an accident. Luckily she managed to come out before the explosion.”

“The worst part of all was that Perodua doesn’t provide after sales services and have great Tai Chi skill. Please stop pushing the responsibilities away because my pitiful mom has been waiting at the scene for someone to tow the car since morning until 9pm.”

“First, we called MSIG but they asked us to deal directly with Perodua. If that’s the case, what’s the point of buying car insurance?”

“Then, we called Perodua Malacca Branch to ask them to tow the car but they told us to call Perodua KL. They said towing the car was not their responsibility and asked us to contact our insurance company. Way to go with their great Tai Chi skill!”

Suddenly, a tow truck showed up and wanted to tow the car to a Perodua workshop but we were asked to pay RM500 without any receipts given. Why do we have to pay for it? Isn’t it your (Perodua) responsibility since the car is still under warranty?”

“They said the tyres on Axia were badly burnt, so they needed a forklift to lift the car off the tow truck when they reach the workshop. Plus, nobody’s still working at 9pm, so we need to pay an extra RM150. So we ended up paying them anyway.”

“We asked for their name cards and to our surprise, he’s from Perodua. If he’s from Perodua,why did he charged us for the towing service?” 

From the pictures she shared, the Perodua Axia was obviously engulfed in fire prior to the pictures being taken because what’s left at the scene was the metal part of the car. Everything else was totally destroyed and turned into ashes.

Some kind netizens who stumbled across her post gave a few useful tips to Caryn regarding the incident.

“It’s the insurance company that should be handling your case, not Perodua. They will claim the total lost for you which will take about 6 months to process,” a netizen said.

“Even if your car is still under warranty, that doesn’t mean the towing fee is free of charge. Whether it’s free or not, it depends on your car insurance coverage. Besides, warranty is for factory parts, not for towing services,” another netizen said.

A car spontaneously catching fire is certainly no joke. It’s fortunate that her mom was not in the car when it happened. Hopefully Perodua can get to the bottom of this case asap!

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