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MOH Tells Public to Eat Less Kolo Mee & 6 Other Favourite M’sian Dishes as They’re High in Salt



MOH Listed Kolo Mee & Six Other Malaysian's Favourite Food For Having High Salt Content - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Live Science / Yelp
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Salt is a vital ingredient in cooking because it adds flavour to our food. However, it’s important to take salt in moderation because too much of it can also be bad for health.

This is why the Ministry of Health (MOH) has shared a list of salty food to help us easily identify them. If you didn’t know, the list was shared in accordance with Salt Awareness Week 2019 because MOH aims to promote healthy eating by urging the public to control their intake of salt. Sounds like a good campaign! 

According to MOH’s tweet, food that are cooked with sauces and seasoning usually contain a lot of salt. Here’s the full list of food – which are of course, Malaysians’ favourites – that have a high salt content:

  • Kolo mee/Kampua mee
  • Curry mee 
  • Stir fry vegetables with oyster sauce 
  • Instant noodles
  • Soup mee 
  • Stir fry vegetables with salted fish 
  • Fried rice 

Oh no, not Kolo Mee! :'( 

Admittedly, salt makes food taste good but have too much and it may lead to several life-threatening diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and more. Better take care of our health, guys!

What do you think of the food listed by MOH? Were there other foods you thought should’ve been included as well? Tell us in the comments! 


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