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Meet Tong, a Uni Student Who Makes RM28,000 Per Month by Farming Cockroaches



This 20-Year-Old Uni Student Makes RM28k Per Month By Farming Cockroaches - World Of Buzz
Source: China Press
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For most of us, cockroaches are deemed satan and must be destroyed with fire. However, this young man managed to turn these foul creatures into his source of income!

According to China Press, a 20-year-old university student named Tong roughly makes 200,000 TWD (approx. RM28,300) per month from farming and selling cockroaches.

Source: China Press

His business venture started a year and a half ago when he purchased cockroaches to feed his pet. The process of buying cockroaches was too troublesome for him, so he decided to farm his own cockroaches, which would simultaneously save himself a couple of bugs (bucks).

His cockroaches reproduced rapidly and in just six months, he owned 30,000 to 40,000 cockroaches. Luckily, Tong found a buyer who was willing to get all the cockroaches off his hands.

The buyer, Tse, who is an expert in farming cockroaches, got to know Tong better through the transaction. He then decided to partner with Tong to open up a cockroach farm.

It wasn’t easy for Tong at first because like most people, he was afraid of cockroaches. He even had nightmares every night for a month! I think I would too! 

Today, there are over 2.7 million cockroaches of different species in the farm, and Tong single-handedly feeds them and builds their shelter. Apparently, the cockroaches are rather ‘clean’ and there’s nothing to be afraid of. That’s what he said.

Source: China Press

As expected, Tong received a lot of judgement from his friends in university. I bet his friends made this face…

In fact, many got turned off upon knowing what he does for a living. Some even refused to shake his hands. However, Tong never gets tired of explaining to his friends that farmed cockroaches are different from the ones they find at home. He even invited his friends over for a tour around his farm! Uhm, thanks but no thanks…

Well, this is certainly an inspiring story that’s one-of-a-kind. We wish him all the best for his business, but let’s hope he remembers to lock the door before leaving the farm because 2.7 million cockroaches on the loose would be a nightmare! 


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