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MCO: M’sians Get Creative, Wear Dino Suits Out To Protect Against Covid-19



MCO: M'sians Get Creative & Put On A Dino Suit Out To Curb The Spread Of Covid-19 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook and Instagram
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As we enter week two, confined within the walls of our own homes, the great majestic Internet has become our biggest source of entertainment. So here’s one story that will definitely entertain you.

Adhering to the movement control order while ensuring the basic needs of his dog is this man from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Well aware of the Covid-19 epidemic, social distancing, sanitising and keeping away from crowds are a few of the steps people are advised to take in order to curb the spread of the virus.

This man does exactly that when he puts on a dinosaur suit to walk his dog on the streets. In a post on Facebook, Mr. T-Rex and his beagle’s pictures as well as a video went viral, when netizens very much agreed with his effective and rather cute measure. The adorableness received 3,700 shares. It happened at Taman Hilltop in Kota Kinabalu on the 22nd of March 2020.

Posted by Samantha Wilhelmina on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Besides him, another known as Betty Rahmad also did the same thing while she was on a grocery shopping spree. The local actress shared videos of herself via Instagram on her birthday with the sweetest caption.

“Even though, I am sad that vegetables, ginger, turmeric, onions, milk and everything else has been swiped clean but I’m happy because I believe I made many smile and be entertained today, on my birthday. Especially those that are willing to come into work at the supermarket.”

“So it looks like tomorrow I’d have to go to another supermarket to find the things I didn’t get today. You won’t be surprised to see a dinosaur shopping again tomorrow. Gosh, why did all of you have to panic buy?”, she wrote.

She also noted that witnesses nearby were the ones that took the videos and admitted to the dinosaur being her indeed.

It is rather pleasing when people go the extra mile to make sure they and those around them are safe, and this certainly is one of them. How considerate and more than that, how cute!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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