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MCMC: Update Your Mobile Apps to the Latest Version to Avoid Being Hacked



MCMC: Update Your Mobile Apps to the Latest Version to Avoid Being Hacked - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Beta News
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I’m sure many of us receive notifications on our phone every day prompting us to update our apps, but most of the time, we postpone it to the next day, either because our phone has run out of storage space or because we don’t want it to slow our phone down.

However, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has advised all mobile phone users that it is important that the applications installed on our devices are updated to the latest versions, according to The Star.

“The public is advised to ensure that the applications on their mobile phones are updated,” it said in a statement on Tuesday (7 May).

“If there are any suspicious calls or messages from high-profile individual or parties, confirmation should be made first and avoid sharing any verification code received to ensure that the application is not taken over by a third party.”

The issue was brought to attention of the commission when the MCMC received a complaint from a minister because someone had hacked his Telegram account.

Similarly, there have been several cases of fraud where individuals impersonate high-profile individuals and attempt to influence victims to download and install certain instant messaging apps like Viber and Telegram on their phones. After this, “the victims are asked to share a verification code sent to their phones,” the statement said.

“Sharing this verification code allows the fraudster to take over the account, who then accesses (the victim’s) account content such as the contact list.”


Source: Kim Komando

MCMC pointed out that by doing this, the suspect is then allowed to use the compromised account to impersonate others with a false message.

“The fake message can negatively impact the owner of the phone number, including associating their identity to criminal activities,” MCMC said.

Although MCMC did not name the minister who made the complaint, it is believed to be Federal Territories Minister, Khalid Abdul Samad.

Khalid had allegedly made a report to the police when he discovered that his Telegram account was hacked, and was used to try and scam of the journalists from Malaysiakini on Monday (6 May).

MCMC added that it is aware of how online scammers are finding new ways to carry out their scams, and assured the public that they would be updated regarding such fraudulent activities.

It also encouraged the public to be equipped and empowered through the Klik Dengan Bijak (Click Wisely) programme, which reminds Internet users of the importance of self-regulation.

Better go and update all your apps on your phone now, guys! Also, beware of any suspicious activities that you come across and never give your personal details or passwords to strangers!


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