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Masters Student Tortures & Abuses Stray Dogs Before Cooking Them, Says He’s Helping Society



Masters Student Tortures, Dismembers Stray Dogs Before Cooking Them, Says He's Helping Society - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily & Oriental Daily
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Whether it be dogs, cats, or other creatures you may keep as pets (you see how that rhymes?), we can all agree that we care deeply for our cherished, beloved animals. After all, when you look into their eyes and see nothing but love and loyalty, how could we even think to hurt them?

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Yet, incidents of animal abuse only continue to rise, with many cases often proving incredibly cruel and violent. Take this incident for example, when dog-catchers from MPSJ were seen violently try to drag a dog away.

But this case may just prove to be even more inhuman, if not downright despicable. A Chinese student was reported to have abused, tortured and even dismembered dogs as a way to relieve his stress, before saying that he’s helping society get rid of strays.

According to Oriental Daily, this incredibly cruel incident took place in Sichuan, China, where a student from the Chengdu University of Technology was alleged to have been abusing, torturing and dismembering stray dogs before cooking them.

After locals picked up on what he had been doing, netizens who lived in the area took matters into their own hands to investigate the identity of the man committing these atrocious crimes.

And as we all know, the Internet can be very, very good at digging up dirt, because it didn’t take very long before netizens figured out that the man behind these acts was a Masters student in Chemical Engineering from Chengdu University of Technology! After his identity was exposed to the public, the man took to defending himself online.

He said: “The stray dogs were a nuisance anyway. I turned them into a stew. Doesn’t it smell fragrant?” before boasting that his new baton could kill dogs easily. “It only takes three strikes to crack their skulls open.”

He then went on to say how he doesn’t understand why people are so upset over his actions, as stray dogs pose a danger to children, tend to bark noisily, and spread diseases anyway. With how little action the local city council took against them, the man said he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Remember, stray dogs are strays because you people abandoned them on the streets.” he goes on to say.

Photos posted to Chinese social media site Weibo appear to show the man torturing various dogs, going as far as to tying and dangling them off poles, skinning them, and dismembering their bodies to cook into a stew.

After their student was exposed online, the Chengdu University of Technology said that they will be investigating into the matter concerning the alleged student. The student himself has also pleaded netizens to stop sharing more information about him online.

We hope that this man receives the harshest end of justice for the horrible crimes he committed on these animals. 


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