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Massive Trailer Falls Off Bridge onto Truck, Victims Survive by Split Second



Massive Trailer Falls Off Bridge and Lands Onto Pickup Truck, Victims Unharmed - World Of Buzz
Source: Bangkok Coconuts
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The luckiest thing that could have happened to any of us is probably finding a 10 cent coin on the ground.

For this father and son from Thailand however, their luck was extremely auspicious as a split-second decision saved their lives. Here’s what happened:

An 18-wheeler truck fell off an elevated road and landed on top of the father and son’s car!

It was raining cats and dogs in the evening of July 3, 2017. Natthapon Klasamer, 34, was on his way home with his 13-year-old son when the incident happened, Coconuts reported.

The man had just made a U-turn below the Kanchanaphisek Ring Road when he heard a deafening crash. He looked up to see the 18-wheeler trailer in the midst of falling down towards him!

Source: Flickr

Most people would have frozen out of fear in this situation but the father made a split-second decision to accelerate his Isuzu to dodge the oncoming trailer.

Thanks to his super quick wits, the massive truck landed on the bed of their truck, instead of the cab, which would have been fatal otherwise. Both father and son left the incident without a scratch.

Surprisingly, the driver of the 18-wheeler survived the massive fall too!

26-year-old Surachai Rungreung was able to crawl out of his vehicle and even apologised to the father and son. He was sent to Phyathai Nawamin Hospital for treatment.

Surachai honestly thought that that was his end. He didn’t think he would come out alive when the trailer was falling. He could only thank the Buddha necklace he wore as his protection.

Apparently, the road was slippery and Surachai had lost control of his truck, which made him crash into other vehicles on the road before falling down and landing on the Isuzu.

Surachai has been charged with reckless driving but the police are still investigating the incident by reviewing the CCTV footage from the expressway and also interrogating more witnesses.


Regardless, all three guys were extremely lucky to have survived a horrifying crash, which seemed like a scene from the movie, Final Destination, if you ask me.

What’s the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?

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