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Masseur Gives 50% Discount After Breaking Woman’s Leg During Thai Massage



Woman Gets Broken Leg from Thai Massage, Masseur Gives 50 Percent Discount - World Of Buzz
Source: Bangkok Coconuts
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Most Malaysians love getting massages, but who would love getting a broken bone at the same time??

No one, duh.

Unfortunately for Pimyanee Thanyawongsakul, 59, from Thailand, her massage session on last Thursday (13th July) turned into a nightmare when her leg BROKE!

Woman Goes for Traditional Thai Massage, Ends Up With BROKEN Leg - World Of Buzz 2

On top of that, the masseur, Nathanapop Klachingchai, 50, still demanded THB700 (RM89) for his services even after breaking his customer’s leg!

Apparently, the victim was supposed to pay THB1,360 (RM173) but the masseur gave a discount after the incident, Coconuts reported. How generous of him! *Rolls eyes*

The victim had to pay the THB700 because it was part of the ‘teacher worshipping fees’. In Thailand, it’s the cultural norm to pay this fee for people who do traditional Thai massages and fortune telling.

The fee cannot be waived no matter what the circumstances are. 

When Pimyanee’s leg was broken, she was rushed to the hospital where she will be getting surgery today (17th July).

The victim’s family is understandably infuriated and will be taking legal action against the masseur over this incident.

However, in the accused’s defense, Pimyanee actually has osteoporosis but did not inform the masseur of this.

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes the sufferer’s bones to be brittle due to hormonal changes or deficiency in calcium or Vitamin D.

Woman Goes for Traditional Thai Massage, Ends Up With BROKEN Leg - World Of Buzz 1

Source: ePain Assist

Pimyanee only told Nathanapop that she had survived cancer when asked of her preexisting conditions. If the man had known of her osteoperosis, he would have refused to massage her.

Nevertheless, the masseur was kind enough to sell off his motorcycle just to pay for the victim’s surgery, which reportedly costs THB30,000 (RM3,811).

On top of paying for the surgery, Nathanapop has to pay a THB60,000 (RM7,623) fine and could even face a year in prison for running a health business without a permit.

So, the moral of this story is, always remember to inform your doctors, masseurs, or any other professional giving you treatment if you have any medical conditions. We don’t want anymore freaky incidents like this!

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