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Man’s Viral Post Calls Malaysians to Respect Delivery People, Here’s What He Said



A Man’s Tribute To Malaysia’s Delivery Heroes Calls Netizens To Appreciate Their Services - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
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The food and beverage industry in Malaysia has been hit with online food ordering mania, with companies such as Foodpanda, DeliverEat, Uber Eats, Honestbee, Running Man Delivery and various others.

Not to mention the evergreen services made available by Dominoes and McDelivery, the sight of two stroke/four stroke motorcycles carrying huge food boxes weaving in and out of traffic is a common sight nowadays.

Source: ecInsider

Rain or shine, failure is sometimes not tolerated by a certain few which triggered Facebook user Mag Malaya Ahmad to share his experience and personal views over the matter.

Mag wrote, “Sometimes I do understand that when you are working with a company like this, there are rules and regulation to follow.

“They fear that a negative feedback make result in repercussions, even worse if it affects their income.

“Some brave thunderstorms to send food, some get traffic summonses whilst chasing customer orders, some put their lives on the line for the sake of delivering drinks to the customer.”

Source: budiey.com

Sharing his experience, Mag began with his first experience ordering Dominoes whereby the delivery person was profusely apologizing for his delay whilst hoisting three pizza boxes.

“Sorry sir, I was a bit late. I am very sorry.”

Mag responded by telling the delivery person to relax and that he was not furious about the delay.

Source: Facebook

In his status, Mag also urged netizens to simply pay it forward, describing how the expression may end with the beneficiary repaying it to others.

“If the next time a delivery service send food to your home. Tip him.“

Who knows, the extra money may be put into good use.

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