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This Man’s Casual Visit to McD’s Beautifully Turned Into an Inspiring Merdeka Moment



This Man's Casual Visit to McD's Beautifully Turned Into an Inspiring Merdeka Moment - World Of Buzz 1
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Sometimes, we just need a reminder that “humanity still exists after all”!

In a post that has gotten over 12k shares, Subash shares how his casual visit to McDonald’s unexpectedly turned into one of the most beautiful moments he has had – especially when it’s on the eve of Merdeka.

On that particular day, Subash had planned to buy McD’s D24 McFlurry after seeing all the hype about it. Although he also saw the poster informing everyone that the D24 McFlurry was all sold out, he decided to still give it a shot otherwise he’ll have to wait till 2018 for it.

Subash who was in Putrajaya at that time spotted a McDonald’s but the drive-thru queue was pretty long. He assumed that many others had the same idea – to try their luck for a taste of those delicious D24 McFlurry.

Determined, Subash parked his car hoping that the queue in the store is faster, but he was wrong.

“Even in the store, there were 3 lines of people waiting to place their order. Well, I have decided. So let’s finish the job. The queue was moving slowly. There were only 2 operators serving the customers – one person busy calling the order numbers, another one taking orders at the counters.

“Yea, you read it right, Counters,” he emphasised.

He spotted this young girl, with a sweet smiling face, taking orders from both counters.

“She was taking orders and doing transactions. Then she moved to the next counter to serve the next customer.”

“This is a tiring job especially to entertain such a huge crowd. But I noticed that she’s still smiling and saying thank you to each customer. She is politely taking people’s orders.

“Of course the queue was moving slowly but I’m not bothered. I’m kinda amazed at how she handled two counters with a cool attitude.”

This Man's Casual Visit to McD's Beautifully Turned Into an Inspiring Merdeka Moment - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook

Even the lady who was standing infront of him noticed the girl, and turned to Subash to express how amazed she was and complimented the hardworking employee. The two chatted for a bit and Subash told her how he ended up in McD – for the D24 McFlurry.

When it was the lady’s turn, she said, “You sure you only want Durian McFlurry? I can order together to reduce queue”.

Confirming that that’s the only thing he wanted, he started to take some money out only to be stopped by the lady.

“It’s OK. On me. I belanja. We kan Malaysians. It’s my Merdeka treat for you”.

Her kind gesture took him by surprise.

“I stunned a while. Is this what we call, random act of kindness?

“I really appreciated her act. It’s not about getting excited for a free treat from someone but the pure intention to ‘give’ to total stranger.

“We talk about racism among Malaysians but there are kind people around who believes in humanity.”

Subash ends his inspiring post mentioning how this visit to McDonald’s turned into a lovely experience.

“I saw two kinds of human at the same place today. I am very proud to see them. I am proud to tell everyone that I’m born among these people.

“I started to have hope in Malaysia. Yes, we could build a better nation.

“Saya bangga lahir di sini. Saya bangga sebagai anak Malaysia.

“Happy birthday Malaysia. Happy Independence Day. This is my Merdeka Day story.”

I know all of you guys are probably wondering: so did he get his D24 McFlurry or not? Well…

This Man's Casual Visit to McD's Beautifully Turned Into an Inspiring Merdeka Moment - World Of Buzz 2
Source: Facebook

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