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Man Who Looks Like Beggar Buys Smartphone With Cash And Doesn’t Even Try To Nego The Price



Man Who Looks Like Beggar Buys Smartphone With Cash And Didn't Even Try To Nego The Price - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Just recently, a phone shop owner shared on Facebook about how a shabbily dressed man bought a smartphone with cash. What’s more impressive was – the customer didn’t even try to negotiate the price with the seller! This incident happened in Thailand just recently (22nd May).

Source: Facebook

According to the post, the barefooted man wasn’t exactly neatly dressed as his T-shirt looked worn-out, and he was carrying two gunny sacks that could have contained his possessions. With his unkempt hair and sloppy appearance, he could have easily passed off as a beggar. However, when he approached the phone stall, he behaved like a wealthy man.

It is understood that after browsing through the phone on display, he immediately took out a stack of cash with the intention to purchase the phone. Needless to say, this shocked the shop owner as he didn’t even try to haggle the price or ask for a discount. He even apologised to the owner for paying in all 20baht (approx. RM2.60) banknotes.

While waiting for the seller to process some paperwork, the security guards of the mall assumed the man as a nuisance and tried to chase him away multiple times. The seller ended up having to step forward to defend the shabbily dressed man.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

As expected, the post went viral on Facebook with over 7,500 shares over three days. Many netizens praised the man for buying the phone using cash, which allowed him to stay debt-free while others commended him for being humble.

If we’re honest, this man may look homeless, but we’re pretty sure his pocket is deeper than most of us. This isn’t the first time such an incident happened in Thailand. Not too long ago, a poorly dressed man shocked the salesperson after he bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle with cash! 

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