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Man Uses an Avocado ‘Grenade’ & Actually Manages to Rob Two Banks Of RM32,000



Man Actually Manages to Rob Two Banks Of RM32,000 By Using An Avocado - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Little Farms & Times of Israel
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Planning a bank robbery isn’t easy and seems to be a rather dangerous thing to do (not to mention highly criminal!) but this man had a rather creative idea on how to pull off a successful heist. This 47-year-old man from southern Israel managed to rob not one but TWO banks using just an avocado. Yes, the fruit!

According to the Times of Israel, the man had strolled nonchalantly into a Postal Bank branch at the Big Beersheba shopping mall in mid-May. He approached the cashier and handed over a misspelled note demanding that she hand over the money. She hesitated, so he spoke for the first time and threatened, “Put the money in the bag quickly or I’ll throw this grenade.”

Her attention was drawn to a round, black object that he had been holding in his hand and fearing for her safety, she handed over NIS 16,000 (RM18,616) to the man. Not content with the loot from that successful attempt, the robber decided to do the same thing five days later when he targeted the Postal Bank at the Oren Center shopping area.

He tried the same thing and said that he would blow up the place with his “grenade”. This time, he managed to leave with NIS 12,000 (RM13,962) in cash, but his luck soon ran out. Police started hunting for him, and although he tried to conceal his identity by wearing a hat, sunglasses and even an eye patch, they managed to track him down.

They also watched the CCTV footage and realised that the round object in his hand was actually an avocado that he had painted black. The police managed to track down the man via his cellphone location during the times of the robberies and from there, they found the suspect. It was revealed that the man had a criminal record, having previously served a three-year prison term for robbery.

Crime doesn’t pay, even though you’re trying to be creative in doing it!


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