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Man Urges Employers NOT to Treat Staff Who Resigned as “Traitor” In Heartwarming Post



Man Urges Employers NOT to Treat Staff Who Resigned as “Traitor” In Heartwarming Post - WORLD OF BUZZ
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At a work place, people come and go. It’s only normal when someone moves on to pursue perhaps a different job, acquire different skillsets, or basically any other reason personal to them. However, some people have a bad mindset about a person leaving, and this CTO from DailyMail couldn’t have said it better for everyone to learn from.

Oleg Vishnepolsky who is the Global CTO of DailyMail and Metro UK shared in a post that his employee ‘RESIGNED’. Yes, he wrote ‘resigned’ all in capital letters.

Instead of taking it personally for leaving the company to pursue a better opportunity elsewhere, the CTO shared that he wished the employee the best of luck.

He said to the employee,

“Know this, I will miss you, tremendously.”

He continues to praise the employee who is leaving about his strengths and admitted that whoever hired him/her is a lucky person.

“It is not just your talents, it is also your amazing sunshine attitude, your dedication, your positive influence on me personally.

“Whoever hired you is one lucky person. I am sure they will appreciate you as much as we do.

“You will do well, no good luck wishes are needed. All the best, and perhaps one day, I will have the privilege to work together again with you.”

Now, the main reason why he wrote this post is to shine a light on how many employers treat their staff like enemies once they’ve resigned. Instead of being unhappy that they’re leaving, employers should be happy that their ex-staff is able to obtain a better opportunity to grow else where. He writes,

“Why is it that when someone resigns they get treated like a traitor?

“Should we not be happy for them, that they found something even better?”

He lists a few things people should do when an employee resigns:

  1. Thank them for all the great work they did for you
  2. Treat them with respect, like everyone else
  3. Offer them to come back if they change their mind

He relates this with his own personal experience where he has hired back so many people who has left before, and he himself being hired into companies by people who has left!

Source: Facebook

So, lesson here is to always treat people with respect and do not see someone leaving a company as something negative nor treating them like a traitor. We have to always wish everyone well because each individual has their own paths to follow.

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