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Man Ties Poor Doggo To The Back Of SUV Because He’s Afraid It Will Shed Fur In His Car



Source: Miaopai
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OMG, how could he do that? 

Shanghaiist reported that a man in Sichuan, China tied his pet doggo to the back of his car while driving and we are quite baffled with the reason he gave for doing that.

After being caught by the local police, it was learnt that the driver didn’t want the doggo to shed fur unto his car seats. Therefore, to solve the “shedding problem”, he attached the doggo to the outside of the SUV and drove away. Well, at least, he didn’t cruelly drag the doggo whilst driving.

You can watch the video below:

Source: Miaopei 

Of course, tying your pet animal behind your car is potentially dangerous, and thus the man was fined was putting the doggo’s life in danger just because he didn’t want it to shed fur onto his seats. On top of that, he was also fined was “changing lanes without signalling”. He was given 50 Yuan (RM29.39) fine, in total, by the authorities. 

Looks like the man didn’t really think his plan through because his “smart solution” landed him a fine which was issued by the local police. 

On that note, what other ways do you think he could have used to avoid fur, which is a result of his doggo shedding, getting on his car seats? Let us know in the comments below!  


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