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Man Stands on Car Bonnet and Shouts at Officers for Clamping His Car at No Parking Zone



Source: Facebook
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To own a driving license requires much responsibility. Remember the road rules and ethics from the ‘Undang‘ test you took before getting your hands on the wheel? Please don’t throw them down the drain once you have passed the exam, do keep them in your memory for life. The road signs are there for a reason.

A man has recently become the centre of attention among local netizens for causing a scene over his car getting clamped at Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur on February 20. In the 41-second video uploaded on a page called Warga Wilayah on Facebook, the man can be seen standing on the bonnet of his car, shouting and complaining at the law enforcement officers on duty.


The most ironic part of the incident was that there was a ‘No parking’ sign placed in front of the parked car. Which means he either ignored the obvious road sign or he failed his ‘Undang’ test. 

Source: Facebook

According to China Press, one of the law enforcement officers on duty tried to calm the outraged man down while the other officer was removing the clamp on the car. Once the car was released from the wheel clamp, the man immediately drove away from the scene.

Source: Facebook

This incident instantly garnered the attention of local netizens after the video circulated online. Most of them bashed the man in the video, saying that he should not have parked there in the first place, as it was a ‘No parking’ zone after all. They also criticised the man for displaying such rude and uncivil attitude. Seriously, the act was rather unnecessary tbh. 

Next time, if you are unsure of a certain road sign, remember that Google is always your best friend. 🙂 


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