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Man Smuggles Puppies From JB to S’pore In Car Boot, 3 Die Due to Horribly Cramped Conditions



S'porean Man Smuggles Puppies From Msia In Car Boot, 3 of Them Die Because of Horrible Condition - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Straits Times
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Animals are creatures that should be treated well and in a humane manner. However, this man managed to kill a few puppies when he made them suffer unnecessarily.

A Singaporean man attempted to smuggle 12 puppies from Malaysia to Singapore, reported The Star. The puppies were crowded into the car’s spare tyre compartment. The suspect, Kelvin Phua Yong Lin (age 36) was nabbed at the Tuas Checkpoint and officials discovered that the compartment had bad ventilation and was very small.

Even worse, there were no food or water for the poor puppies and three of them died after that because of this. The pups were discovered in a dehydrated condition which led to inflammatory issues in their lungs and heart.

The Singaporean suspect was sentenced to 32 weeks in jail on August 7 (Wednesday). He pleaded guilty to one count each of importing the pups from Malaysia with no licence and for transporting them in a way that put them through irrelevant distress.

Furthermore, on December 8 (Saturday) last year, Phua’s friend, identified as Alex, made an offer of $1,000 (RM3,045) to ferry the puppies from Johor Bahru to Singapore.

Phua took on the offer and travelled to Malaysia in a rented car on Dec 10 (Monday). The suspect met up with a man at a car park and the man gave Phua 11 poodles and one golden retriever puppy that needed to be transported. 

The poor pups were hidden in the spare tyre compartment in the car boot. To ensure that it didn’t look suspicious, a spare tyre was placed on top of the compartment to cover the gap. On the way to Singapore, Phua was pulled over for a routine check at the Tuas Checkpoint around 3.30am.

After being asked by an official from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, he said that he didn’t have anything to declare.

The officer found the puppies when they were checking the car and discovered that the puppies weren’t microchipped either. 

The puppies were taken away and given to the then Department of Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). The officer said that the puppies looked dazed with symptoms of being sedated.

Unfortunately, three poodles died in quarantine. Phua’s defense lawyer, Choo Si Sen, pleaded to the judge for a lighter sentence because his client was a first-time offender. The judge informed that Singapore is a rabies-free country, not like Malaysia. By attempting to smuggle the puppies, Phua could have brought rabies to Singapore.

Those poor puppies! Hopefully, the remaining pups would recover from this unimaginable act and they will have a loving home soon.


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