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Man Sends Off Deceased Father in Kuala Lumpur With RM30,000 in Coffin



Man Sends Off Deceased Father With RM30,000 In Coffin - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: China Press
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Paying our respects to the deceased is a serious matter regardless of where you come from. We do our best to ensure our loved ones get the best send-off for our final goodbye, and that’s certainly what this man tried to achieve.

A man sent his deceased father off in the most glorious way possible on January 16 in Kuala Lumpur, China Press reported.

As an act of repaying his father, the unnamed Indian man reportedly filled his deceased father’s coffin with a whopping RM30,000 in cash as funerary objects.

Source: China Press

Two pictures of the funeral circulated on social media, which showed the coffin of the deceased covered with stacks of RM50 notes before he was laid to rest.

It was heard that the deceased had suffered from numerous illnesses before passing away. The funeral was held at the southern part of Selangor, where the son laid 600 real RM50 notes and fresh flowers in the coffin to be buried.

Source: China Press

Upon understanding, it was said that the unnamed man treated the deceased with as much respect as the living. When worshiping ancestors, the man would not only offer food, but real clothing and money as well. However, it is the first time he has paid his respects in this way.

After the pictures were spread all over social media, netizens shared their thoughts on the matter. Some netizens said the coffin would be stolen before nightfall, while some were suspicious of whether the cash was real.

China Press took it into their hands to investigate the questions netizens had been wondering about. And apparently, it has been found to be true that the cash buried together with the deceased was genuine! If the total amount of money was really RM30,000, well, only the relatives of the deceased know the truth.

What an interesting way to pay his last respects! Now people, don’t go snooping around to find the burial site okay? Respect 🙂


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