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Man on Motorcycle Stops In Front of Seremban Supermarket, Opens Pants & Pleasures Himself



Woman Shocked When Man on Motorcycle Pleasures Himself on Motorcycle In Front of Seremban Supermarket - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & Inkphy
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Imagine casually walking and minding your own business on an ordinary day when a man drives up to you on his motorcycle and starts committing indecent acts right in front of your eyes.

Well, this was exactly what happened to a woman from Seremban who took to Facebook to share about her encounter and to warn others around the area.

Source: Facebook

According to China Press, the incident happened at Bahau, a small town in Seremban at about 7pm on 5th August. The woman said that she was just outside Ten Ten Supermarket when a man on a motorcycle stopped in front of the shop and opened his pants.

From the photo posted, it looks like he was masturbating, which shocked everyone around the area who witnessed the scene. A few minutes later, he left the place.

Source: China Press

The woman’s post has since garnered more than 600 shares and about 450 comments at the time of writing. Many netizens urged her to make a police report while others jokingly suggested she take some rather cruel actions against the man.

“Spray Ridsect on his penis,” one netizen commented. “Pour hot water on it,” another netizen wrote.

What would you do if you were caught in a situation like this? 


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