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Man Insults Passenger and Calls Him ‘Dog’ For Allegedly Stealing His Seat in Train



Man Verbally Abuses a Fellow Commuter For Allegedly 'Stealing' His Seat in a Train - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Stomp
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Apparently, now, anger is dealt by verbally abusing another person without giving the situation a second thought. Just like this man who ‘scolded’ another man for allegedly stealing his seat on a commuter.

What happened, you ask?

Well, recently a video emerged from the internet showing a Singaporean man repeatedly hurling insults towards a Chinese man on a subway train, reported ShanghaiistHow rude!

You can watch the video here;

Source: Youtube 

In the video, the man can be seen enraged for he assumed that the other man had stolen his seat on the subway. But, there were other seats on the train too. Thus, he proceeded to patronize the poor man with insults.

“I am a nobleman. You are an inferior, lower-class person. My status is very high, you are just a dog!” insulted the man.

Ah, a classic case of superiority complex!

Meanwhile, it is also seen in the video, that another man in a dark blue shirt was trying to stop the man from continuing further but his efforts were in vain as the angry man continued to verbally abuse the commuter by calling him a ‘stinking garbage’ and demanded him to kneel down. What is he? A king?

TBH, it is quite baffling and sad to see that the third class mentality still exists in this progressive world. Have we really forgotten basic manners and social conduct? Hmm… 

Anyways, whether or not the Chinese commuter had taken the seat of this ‘gentleman’, he should have known better than to hurl insults at a grown man in a crowded place, which is humiliating for both of them.


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