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Man Divorces Wife Because She Only Disgustingly Showers Once a Year



Man Divorces Wife Because She Would Only Disgustingly Bath Once a Year - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
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Personal hygiene is really important and it’s something that we should never neglect! Most of us probably take at least one shower a day (especially in our tropical climate!) but for this Taiwanese lady, she really did her part in saving water by taking a bath only once a year. 

This may sound unbelievable but according to Taipei Times, it looks like it really happened! Her personal hygiene was so bad that her husband couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to divorce her. On Thursday, January 4, the New Taipei City District Court granted the long-suffering man’s divorce.

He claimed that he had suffered psychological torture from her bad personal hygiene. He couldn’t stand it after 13 long years as his wife, surnamed Lin, not only bathed once a year but did not brush her teeth or wash her hair regularly as well. OMG, imagine the odour!

Man Divorces Wife Because She Would Only Disgustingly Bath Once a Year - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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In the beginning, Lin’s husband said that she wasn’t that bad. When they were dating, she would bath once a week but after they got married, her behaviour worsened. First, it deteriorated to taking baths once a month, then she would only clean herself every half a year before doing it once a year. 

He explained that she would only take a bath during New Year and when she finally stepped into the bathroom, her shower took three hours. Can’t imagine the amount of dirt! To cover up any nasty bad breath, Lin would rather chew gum (than brush her teeth) to get her breath minty fresh and she’d also rather put on a hat to cover her oily hair, instead of washing it like most of us do. 

Of course, this unsanitary lifestyle was a big turn off for her husband and their sex life was really bad as they only had sex once a year. They did not manage to have children for a decade.

His wife discouraged him from having a job and the couple was unemployed while living with Lin’s parents. Apparently, he was forced to rely on his mother-in-law for their living expenses and both of them remained poor. When he had the opportunity to work as a building security guard, Lin did not allow him to do so and said it was demeaning. It’s an honest way to earn money, though!

They were so poor that he could not pay his National Health Insurance or visit the dentist. Finally, in late 2015, the man decided to move out of the house and found a job in Hsinchu. He did not contact his wife during his time there but she managed to find him at his workplace.

Man Divorces Wife Because She Would Only Disgustingly Bath Once a Year - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

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Lin demanded that he quit his job after only one month there but he refused and the man decided to file for divorce. She denied all his allegations and said that it was false, as her parents treated him like a son. Lin’s mother said that she had no choice but to provide for her daughter and son-in-law as they were jobless for many years, but she did not wish to continue doing so. 

As they had been separated for two years and were not agreeable on a shared, fundamental married life, the court granted the divorce.

Personal hygiene is important, people! It prevents us from falling sick and also makes the lives of other people around you much easier! Nobody likes to smell some nasty BO that can be prevented!


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