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Man Buys Limited Edition Adidas Sneakers Online, Gets the Troll of His Life



Netizen Buys Limited Edition Adidas Sneakers Online, Gets The Troll Of His Life - World Of Buzz
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Limited edition shoes are hard to come by in a shoe shop. So when this netizen came across a pair of sweet-looking limited edition shoes online, he quickly snatched it, which proved to be the worst decision he has ever made.

The shoes in question is none other than the highly sought after limited edition Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Turtle Dove.

Source: Youtube

Source: Nice Kicks

Featuring a Primeknit upper and Boost sole done in a mix of turtle dove, this pair of sneakers was actually the result of the collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Now you know why people are going crazy about it? 

It was released on June 27 in 2015 with the retail price of $200 (RM886), according to Sole Collector. It is also one of the more expensive sneakers on the market which has extremely high resale value. It was reported that a pair of pre-loved Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Turtle Dove can cost as much as $2000 (RM8860). That’s like 10 times of its retail price man! 

If you think that was ludicrous, wait till you see the price on Amazon.

Source: Amazon

So, when this netizen, Max Hoang Trinh saw a pair of Yeezy Boost priced at just $750 (RM3322), he quickly bought it without hesitation. Hey, it’s so expensive, must be authentic right?

Source: Max Hoang Trinh FB

When he opened the parcel and took out the shoes, Max was shocked and disappointed to discover that he was cheated.

Source: Max Hoang Trinh FB

Needless to say, the shoes looked nothing like Yeezy Boost except for the colours. Max got trolled hard man! 

It was even more heartbreaking when he put on the shoes. Just take it ‘Yeezy’ Max…

Source: Max Hoang Trinh FB

Max has since posted his painful experience on Facebook with the caption:

“I will never trust online sellers again.”

His post went viral and some savage netizens started rubbing salt on his wound with their comments. That’s why comment section is always the best, right?

“Your Yeezy Boost is so cute! Are they the infant edition?” a netizen said.

“The description said ‘Turtle Dove’. The seller didn’t lie to you, they really do look like turtles,” another netizen commented. 

So guys, online shopping does offer you much convenience, but you should also be prepared with the ‘surprise’ that comes with it.


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