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This Man Begs For Money Despite Owning Assets Worth More Than RM400,000



Source: Tribun News & Brilio
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He was really looking for an easy way to earn more money!

A beggar in Jawa Tengah, Indonesia identified as Legiman, 52, confessed to having assets worth more than RM400,000 after he was detained by the authorities during an operation against the homeless and beggars last Saturday (12 January).

Source: Tribun News

After further investigation, Legiman is said to have a house worth Rp250 million (RM73,000), a plot of land worth Rp275 million (RM80,000) and savings up to Rp900 million (RM262,000) in the bank, as reported by Tribun News.

“He earned Rp659,000 (RM192) today which was a lot less compared to last week, when we caught him with Rp1 million (RM290),” said one of the authorities, Udhi Harsilo Nugroho.

Source: Brilio

Legiman claims that Rp659,000 (RM192) is lesser than what he usually earns, as it was affected due to the heavy rain which means there were lesser people around.

“From previous operations, there were even beggars who owned ATM cards and personal savings account passbooks,” stated Udhi.

Source: HuffPost

However, Legiman was released and allowed to keep the money but was warned not to be on the streets again.

The authorities reminded the public to stop assuming all beggars are poor, and to refrain from giving them money as it is considered an offence in Indonesia, with a penalty of Rp1 million (RM290), according to Tribun News.

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