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Man Asks Why Chinese & Indian Students Outnumber Malays on JPA Scholarship List



Man How Come Chinese & Indian Students Outnumber Malays on JPA Scholarship List - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Malaysia Baru or new Malaysia has undoubtedly come a long way ever since PH came into power on the 9th of May 2018. But not everyone thinks the same.

Taking to Facebook, one netizen shared a list of students from the northern zone invited to attend a JPA scholarship interview — where those selected would be sent overseas — with a very sarcastic message.

Source: Facebook

He writes, “This is an interview list for the JPA Scholarship to go overseas. There is a total of 80 candidates: 12 Malays, 18 Indians and 50 Chinese.”

“Who said that the plight of the Malays is not looked after under PH? Is it any better now for the Malays? This is the difference between the old BN government and the new PH government. It is getting better right?”

Playing the race card, his status sparked a debate among netizens, most of whom applauded the government for its more inclusive stance.

Source: Facebook

One netizen writes, “Because most of the Chinese tend to be really hardworking, therefore may have better grades than others. Their determination and way of thinking about their future and family tend to be better too. So if they can and are able to apply for scholarships, why tf not?”

Another netizen laments the fact that Malays themselves who were to blame.

Source: Facebook

“This an example of the Malay mentality. When they do not receive scholarships, they blame the government. This list should instead spur the Malays to do better and not blame others for not making it.”

Another chimed in.

Source: Facebook

“They deserve to be there because of their efforts. What about our own children?”

“They too have made efforts, but in playing PUBG, motorcycles, gang involvement, and when other races are given opportunities to excel, they become furious for no reason.”

Clearly, the person who posted the photo is keen on finding fault in everything.

The concept of success is simple — With hard work and effort, you can achieve any goal (the realistic ones at least).

We would like to wish the candidates attending the interview good luck. Please come back and help build a better Malaysia!

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Netizen plays Race Card, Questions Why Other Races Outnumber Malays In JPA Scholarship Interview List - WORLD OF BUZZ

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