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Malaysians Ranked as Top 25 Sexiest People in the WORLD!



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The world has spoken! Rejoice fellow Malaysians as now we can proudly say that we’re one of the top 50 sexiest people in the world!

Yes, you heard us right! We’re sexy!

According to Big 7 Travel, an international travel website, Malaysia is ranked 25th as the sexiest country in the world.

Big Seven Travel is an international travel website and had conducted a survey of 1.5 million social audiences to take part in ranking the world’s most beautiful people.

The respondents of the survey were only given the term ‘sexy’, with no further specifications on it. They only had to vote which nation in the world is the “sexiest” in their opinion. As simple as that.

Coming in hot at the 25th place, Malaysia pulled far ahead from some of the Western nations such as Americans (#45th), Germans (#44th) and even Swedish (#39th)!

Our country also overtook other nations such as Indian, Polish and Iranian with personalities such as Jimmy Choo and Amber Chia placing us on the world map.

Source: Big 7 Travel

New Zealand took the 23rd spot although they were on the 1st place for the world’s sexiest accent. Apparently, people seem to prefer hearing, but not seeing them. Ooof.

Taking the grand prize of the survey is Ukrainian, followed by Danish and Filipino.

According to the Big Seven Travel, Ukrainians were said to have a “striking appearance”, topping the sexiest nation poll for 2019.

The least “sexiest” nation, however, goes to Irish.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Ukrainian
  2. Danish
  3. Filipino
  4. Brazilian
  5. Australian
  6. South African
  7. Italian
  8. Armenian
  9. English
  10. Canadian
  11. Costa Rican
  12. French
  13. Dutch
  14. Kenyan
  15. Barbadian/Bajan
  16. Spanish
  17. Bulgarian
  18. Czech
  19. Japanese
  20. Hungrarian
  21. Finnish
  22. Colombian
  23. New Zealander
  24. Mexican
  25. Malaysian
  26. Iranian
  27. Polish
  28. Indian
  29. Nigerian
  30. Israeli
  31. Chinese
  32. Lithuanian
  33. Russian
  34. Argentinian
  35. Moroccan
  36. Thai
  37. Egyptian
  38. Scottish
  39. Swedish
  40. Tunisian
  41. Welsh
  42. Pakistani
  43. Lebanese
  44. German
  45. American
  46. Norwegian
  47. Slovenian
  48. Belgian
  49. Croatian
  50. Irish

Walao the world thinks we’re sexy! Dem shiok!


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