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Malaysians Need To Stop Buying From Children That Come Up To Them From The Roadside



Malaysians Need To Stop Buying From Children That Come Up To You From The Roadside - World Of Buzz
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You know when you and your friends are lepak-ing then suddenly a child or two comes up to you and asks for money. And you’re put in that awkward spot of “Should I? Shouldn’t I?”…

Super uncomfortable right?

Well, the police say that we shouldn’t give donations or buy anything from these children.

As much as we’d love to help these pitiful kids, giving them money will actually only make it worse.

The Perak police say that not giving them money prevents the children from being exploited by syndicates.

Do not give them money which will only worsen the situation as syndicates will recruit more victims.”

– Datuk Gan Tian Kee, State Criminal Investigations Department chief

He insisted that if we ever come across these children begging or trading, we should snap a picture, and relay the information to the police. Get your cameras ready and put 999 on speed dial guys!

“No children should be begging or working,” he said.

Gan disclosed that the police had busted three cases of children being exploited for money in the last two years.

The policed discovered of a syndicate headquarters where children were forced into labour at Pengkalan Hulu.

A couple was in charge of the syndicate and suspects have been arrested. Thank goodness… but where was the compassion???


The victims were tricked into working for them thinking they were going to get RM900 a month.

The suspects acted as middlemen to lure the children in.

The victims have been sent to four welfare homes in Selangor, Johor Baru, Rembau and Malacca.

So guys, the next time you see them, remember, giving them money may help them at that one moment, but it’ll only cause a bigger damage in the long run.

If everyone ignored them, then syndicates will eventually have to stop as they will not have any business.

I don’t know how they sleep soundly at night. Sigh… let children be children, don’t rob them of their childhood.

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