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Malaysians are Furious at Reckless BMW Driver Who Caused Car to Crash



Malaysians are Furious at Reckless BMW Driver Who Caused Car to Crash - World Of Buzz
Source: Orang Kota Tinggi
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Getting a driver’s license in Malaysia is unfortunately too easy to the point where some people’s driving skills are just way too dangerous for the road.

One particular person who should probably throw his license out the window is this BMW driver who was driving so recklessly, they caused an accident!

In a video that recently went viral on Facebook, it showed this BMW cutting traffic on the opposite lane. It was a dotted line dividing the two lanes, meaning cars can overtake vehicles in the single lane and cut to the opposite side when it’s safe. Keyword: safe. 

However, the BMW driver must have completely forgotten the ‘safe’ part as they didn’t bother to check if there were oncoming cars on the other side. How inconsiderate! 

The BMW cut out so suddenly and dangerously that the Perodua Kenari on the opposite lane had to make a sudden swerve to the left, then to the right just to avoid him, and ultimately crashed into the guard rail.

The impact was so bad that the Kenari’s engine was completely smashed!

The incident took place on September 2, 2017 along Jalan Felda Ulu Penggeli, Kluang at around 4pm, Harian Metro reported.

The Kenari driver, 22-year-old Mohd Firdaus Sohaini, and his unnamed friend were on their way to Johor Bahru from Klang when the incident took place.

The friend had to be rushed to the hospital by locals who stopped to help out. The poor boy had to get 5 stitches on his forehead due to the horrible crash.

Meanwhile, Firdaus was not physically harmed but was in complete shock and is still traumatised by the event.

Nojahwati Sohaini, 34, is Firdaus’ older sister who was very upset at the BMW driver who heartlessly sped off after the incident. The driver did not stop to check on Firdaus and his friend at all!

In an angry Facebook post, she wrote,

“Thankfully my brother, Daus, is safe. To the BMW (driver), you are very rude. You caused my little brother to come so close to death.

“Hence, I want to make this viral. I hope that if you see this, you will realise what you’ve done. What is the use of having a driver’s license if this is how you drive.”

Nojahwati’s post quickly went viral, and Viral Media Johor picked up the video too and shared it on their page. This spread the hunt for the BMW driver.

Due to the blurry video, no one could catch the BMW’s number plate. However, that only fueled the netizen’s anger in searching for the driver and to bring justice to Firdaus and his friend.

Even the police are currently trying to find the irresponsible person and are still investigating the case under Rule 6 (1) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 on the offence of dangerously overtaking another vehicle in a situation that could potentially cause harm.

Hopefully the cops manage to identify the BMW driver soon!


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