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Malaysians Should Beware of This New Hong Leong Bank Call Scam



Scammer Calls Using Real Bank Numbers And Even Redirects Victim to the Police! - World Of Buzz
Source: CNA and Facebook
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Just two days ago, a netizen known as Dan, received a phone call from a scammer using the exact contact number belonging to Hong Leong Bank.

Source: Facebook

Here’s what he said:

“The automated robotic voice told me that I was behind my loan for three months and therefore owed the bank RM3,375. And if I have any enquiries, I should press number nine, which I did.”

“Then a customer service agent picked up the phone and I told him what the robotic voice had just told me.”

“He asked for my IC number and after checking, he said I took a RM50,000 loan from the bank.”

When Dan refuted the scammer’s allegations, the conversation became heated for a brief moment as he insisted that Dan had taken the loan. The rude scammer then pretended to ask whether he had been to Penang recently and Dan said ‘yes’.

“Then the scammer even offered to redirect me to the police in case I wished to file a police report. I accepted the offer and was passed to 999.”

“A man picked up the phone and greeted me with, ‘Selamat tengah hari, balai polis Pulau Pinang’.”

Dan hung up the phone after hearing that as he knew it was definitely a scam. Here’s his explanation.

“Firstly, a customer service agent from a bank would never be rude to the customer.”

“Secondly, will a banker redirect a customer to 999? And the phone was picked up within five seconds.”

“And how come it was the Penang police station that was at the end of the 999 line?”

Just to be sure, Dan called the bank in question and found out that the scam has been going on for a while. Apparently, the scammer is able to contact victims using the bank’s phone number with the help of an equipment.

The post has since gone viral with over 18,000 shares on Facebook in just two days. Apparently, many netizens have received similar calls from the same scammer.

Source: Facebook

“I received the call yesterday. They had my full name, IC number and address. So I thought it was true. But I told them I don’t have an account with them and never visited Sabah before in my whole life,” a netizen said.

Scammers are getting smarter and more advanced nowadays. If you’re uncertain whether the caller is genuine,  just call the bank to enquire instead of entertaining those suspicious calls.

These scams are able to happen to any bank, not just Hong Leong, so stay vigilant and let your friends and family know about such modus operandi.


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