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Malaysians Accuse Police for Having Double Standards for Parking During Religious Occasions



Malaysian Men Accuse Policemen for Having Double Standard in Viral Video - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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Inadequate parking space has long been a problem in Malaysia. We often see numerous cars parked by the roadside near mosques and temples during special occasions.

Source: NST

Most of the time, the cars would be gone in a few hours and no one gets any summons. All is well.

Unfortunately, just hours ago, a group of devotees found a traffic police issuing summons to their vehicles that were parked at the roadside. And the video they took quickly went viral on social media. On the Facebook post, it was written:

“There was no parking space in the temple, we had no choice but to park beside the road and went in for a quick prayer. But this police was busy issuing summons, is this what you call 1Malaysia?”

From the one-minute video, the man could be heard saying, “Please give us some respect, because it goes both ways.” 

Here’s the video.

After the video went viral, netizens started pointing out the double standard practised by the police in issuing summons. “I remember there was an UMNO event at Stadium Bukit Jalil, cars and buses were parked on the road and had caused a massive jam. But no one received summons at all,” a netizen said.

There were also some netizens who urged the government to draw new traffic rules for such occasions. “When is it acceptable to do so and what’s the rules about it? The government and police should make clear about this,” another netizen commented.

What’s your thoughts on this guys?


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