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Malaysian Woman Steals Jewellery Worth RM50,000 on First Day of Work



Malaysian Woman Steals RM50,000 of Valuables on First Day of Work - World Of Buzz 4
Source: Facebook
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The interview process for a potential employee was created so that the employer can vet through the suitability of the candidate and ensure that they are hiring the right person for the job. It seems that this owner of a jewellery shop in Kulim, Kedah learnt a very valuable lesson as he has clearly placed a bet on the wrong horse. 

Source: I Am Parit Buntar FB

That’s because a 29-year-old woman he hired to work in his shop ran off on her first day with RM50,000 worth of jewellery that she had stolen from him. His misfortune was shared on Facebook, with an accompanying video that shows the woman opening the display case and stuffing several bracelets and bangles up her sleeves. 

After that, she arranges the remaining bracelets to cover up the gaps and nonchalantly closes the case again. The woman is believed to be from Parit Buntar and the owner, Khoo has put up a reward of RM3,000 for anyone who is able to provide information that will help him locate the alleged thief. 

According to NST, the woman ran off with her stolen merchandise after just three hours of work. Khoo said, “She reported for duty today and suddenly went missing at 7pm. The staff then noticed that some of the jewellery on the display were also missing.”

This prompted them to check the CCTV in the shop and that’s when they saw the woman in action, stealing the jewellery boldly. “I am offering RM3,000 cash reward to those who can provide information leading to her arrest. I can’t believe that she did this on her first day of work,” a distressed Khoo said.

Apparently, he did not have her IC details because when he asked her for it on her first day, she said that she had “forgotten” to bring it to work and would give it to him the next day. So, she isn’t that dumb after all!

A police report has been made and the police are currently investigating the case.

We hope the cops find this mischievous thief! 

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