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This Malaysian Woman Just Epically Trolled a “Rich American Man” and We Love Her for it!



Rich American Man Suddenly Starts Talking to Malaysian Woman, Gets Hilariously Trolled - World Of Buzz
Source: Jessica RoMy GinTod
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Scamming people over the internet has become quite the trend lately. Thanks to the anonymity the internet gives us, it is easy to lie to someone and not get caught so easily.

However, people are becoming wiser when it comes to identifying these scammers. Not everyone is falling for these lies so easily anymore and some are even becoming bolder as they choose to have their fun by trolling these unscrupulous people.

Jessica is a Malaysian girl who almost got scammed by a so-called rich American man. One day, the girl had suddenly received a friend request on Facebook from a user named Johnson Chris.

The picture showed a pretty good-looking Asian man. Of course, it turns out he used a fake name and picture to attract people.

Source: Facebook

Jessica decided to accept his friend request and they started chatting with each other not long after that.

Source: Facebook

After chatting for a bit, they decided to exchange phone numbers and moved the conversation to WhatsApp instead.

That was when things got a little suspicious. Johnson said he suddenly received a massive contract with a big client and promised he would award her if it’s successful. Why would any sane person do that?!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Okay, first of all, are we NOT going to address how horrible this apparent AMERICAN man’s English is? You’d think someone who has been brought up in the US would have at least a decent comprehension!

Anyway, after that message, it was then that Jessica realised he was trying to scam her. Naturally she got pissed off and decided to take revenge and troll him by giving a local police station’s address and phone number! Ha! Nice one!

Source: Facebook

Johnson did not realise this and continued with his scam. Jessica on the other hand, started using Malay to curse the man as well as the person he claimed was an agent.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Johnson was clearly not local as he did not understand any of the Malay curse words Jessica used in their conversation. After the local ‘agent’ texted Jessica the details, Jessica decided to troll her and Johnson one last time.

Source: Facebook

She even sent over a hilarious ‘receipt’!

Source: Facebook

After realising he was being trolled, Johnson got angry and tried to insult her in the most hilarious way!

For a so-called American working in the oil and gas industry, his English isn’t exactly the best…

After his attempts at cussing Jessica out, Johnson quickly blocked Jessica and even changed his name to David.

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Facebook

In her post, she wrote,

“This is how you deal with rubbish scammers. This Facebook account is fake. I noticed that he looked rather Chinese but the picture and name are fake.”

“I feel so sorry for the person who had his photo stolen to be used for this scam.”

It is so sad that many innocent people’s faces are being used by scammers for such terrible things. Also, remember to always be alert for messages like this. Don’t be accepting any random strangers as friends now!

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