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Malaysian University Students Forced to Attend UMNO’s Anniversary and Sing ‘Love Najib’



Malaysian University Students Forced to Attend UMNO's Anniversary and Sing 'Love Najib' - World Of Buzz
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Recently, UMNO’s celebrated their 71st anniversary in Bukit Jalil Stadium about 6.45pm. It was believed that 140,000 party members from all over the country flooded the stadium to show their support for the party.

However, many University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) students have allegedly received instruction from the management of the university to attend the event and the attendance is made compulsory.

According to Malaysian Insight, the instruction was directed to varsity students from year 1 to year 3. A student from UiTM Shah Alam who would like to remain anonymous told Malaysian Insight that the order came straight from the top-level management of the university.

“We (student) received the instruction on Tuesday and Wednesday that told us to attend the event as volunteers,” the student told reporters when met at the stadium today.

The student revealed that the instruction was circulated through Whatsapp and he even showed it to the reporters. However, the year-one student said that no task was assigned to them so far.

“We weren’t asked to do anything, not even arranging the chairs. We’re just loafing around here.”

Trying to make it the more the merrier I suppose?

To entice the students, they were relieved from attending lectures and a certificate is promised to those who showed up. As usual, food and drinks are provided.

Moving on, the reporters also discovered a group of UiTM students who mainly complained about being forced to attend the event.

“We came here because the attendance is compulsory. But we have yet to receive any food, drinks or coupons as promised. From the morning till now, we sat here doing nothing and we feel like going home now.”

Apparently the students were warned by their university not to answer any questions from the media.

“We’re just students and the order from the university management is that we can’t talk (to the media),” a student said.

And they weren’t allowed to go home either as a student told the reporters:

“We wanted to go home just now, but our friend said that we must sign the attendance, otherwise our attendance will not be counted.”

In a separate report, Bersatu Youth Chief, Syed Saddiq said:

“It is appalling that the students were also forced to learn the song ‘Sayangi Najib’ (Love Najib) to show that Najib Razak had full support of all those who are attending the event.”

It was understood that more than 110 buses carying UiTM students started arriving at Bukit Jalil Stadium since 10am and this anniversary celebration by UMNO is the biggest and grandest by far. Perhaps the highlight of the event is that an UMNO party member will be walking home with RM1 million from the lucky draw, according to Malaysian Insight.

I don’t know about you guys but I ain’t singing that song yo! 

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Malaysian University Students Forced to Attend UMNO's Event and Sing 'Sayangi Najib' - World Of Buzz

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