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Malaysian Twins Who Studied Law Make It Big In UK’s Fashion Industry



These Malaysian Twins Could Be The Future Of The Fashion Industry - World Of Buzz 5
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Malaysian twins Michelle and Rachel Yeoh are quickly making a name for themselves in Britain’s fashion industry.

The twins, who are currently studying in London, are regulars at high fashion and society events, making frequent appearances in the famous and high-profile Fashion Weeks all around the world, according to Malaysia Tatler.

Contrary to what most would think, Michelle and Rachel aren’t just all beauty.

Michelle, who studies law, and Rachel, who studies philosophy, politics and law, began their venture into the world of fashion when they made their first appearance at Chanel’s spring/summer fashion show back in 2013, where the friendly girls made plenty of friends and connections from the fashion industry.

Soon after that, their connections caught the attention of the elite British Fashion Council (BFC). Now, the both of them are currently on the advisory committee in the BFC, where they help award grants and funds to fashion designers.

Apart from that, they are also responsible in connecting fashion graduates with prestigious opportunities in the fashion industry.

Despite being twins, the girls have very distinct personalities. Rachel is the more artistic and creative one, who manages to find good qualities in every person she meets. Michelle on the other hand, is more calculative and follows through on a lot of tough decisions.

Earlier in 2015, the twins were also the first ever Malaysians to make their debut at the 235th Queen Charlotte’s Debutante Ball, a prestigious social event held at U.K.’s Kensington Palace meant for the world’s royalty and wealthiest.

At the rate these girls are going, Malaysia could make a bigger name for itself in the fashion industry! You go girls!

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