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Malaysian Student’s Head Brutally Hacked By Snatch Thief For Not Giving Up Power Bank



Snatch Thief Brutally Hacked Student's Head For Not Giving Up His Power Bank - World Of Buzz 1
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Snatch thieves nowadays will resort to extreme violence if they can’t get what they came for.

On February 16, a student’s head was brutally hacked with a parang by a snatch thief after the student refused to hand over some of his valuables. The incident took place at Jalan Teratai 40, in Johor Jaya at approximately 4pm.

According to Sinchew, Seri Alam police chief Superintendent Jokhiri said that the victim was walking with another two friends when the two snatch thieves on a motorcycle approached them.

Apparently, the power bank on the victim’s hand was mistaken as a smartphone and the culprits had demanded the student to hand over the power bank.

“In the process, the student resisted handing over the power bank and started fighting with the thief. Enraged by the student’s action, the thief withdrew his parang and hacked the student’s head without hesitation. The other 2 friends ran away at the sight of the parang. The thief also fled the scene after snatching the power bank,” Jokhiri said.

Source: JB Talk

Source: JB Talk

It was reported that the victim was still conscious after the brazen attack. He was patched up by local residents and sent to Hospital Sultan Ismail.

Despite reaching the hospital at 5pm, the victim stayed in the emergency ward without receiving any treatment until 10pm. 5 hours of waiting? What part of it is emergency? 

Worrying about their son’s safety, the parents decided to transfer their son to a private hospital in Pasir Gudang which he received 25 stitches from the doctor.

Source: JB Talk

Luckily, the victim’s brain was unharmed in the incident.

So guys, just let it go. No smartphones or handbags are worth risking your lives for.

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