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Malaysian Snatch Thief Epically Fails, Didn’t Realise Victim’s Phone was Live Streaming



[TEST] Malaysian Snatch Thief Epically Fails, Didn't Realise Victim's Phone was Live Streaming - World Of Buzz
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This might just be the biggest fail in the history of snatch theft.

Just yesterday, a man had snatched the phone off an Uzbekistan college student known as Shah along Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur. The crime happened at 12.30pm on 12 April.

But here’s the epic twist: he didn’t know that the victim was on a live chat when he snatched the phone.

After the incident, Shah quickly ran home to play back the video and discovered the face of the snatch thief. Kantoi la tu…

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Source: Facebook

The video was uploaded by his brother-in-law who would like to only be known as Jay, and we reached out to him. He tells WORLD OF BUZZ,

“Shah was walking home alone after class along Jalan Ipoh, near the Sentul area. He was going live through Periscope to chat with his friends using his Vivo V5 when the guy suddenly snatched his phone. But the snatch thief didn’t know that he was live on Periscope,” Jay said. 

“The snatch thief was wearing a ‘Pull and Bear’ jacket. Shah didn’t know the model of the motorcycle but he remembered the number plate. We’ve checked the number plate with JPJ but there was no record of it. So it’s a fake number plate,” he added.

The video instantly went viral after being uploaded on Facebook with netizens amused by his epic fail.

With the culprit’s face going viral on Facebook, it was only a matter of time before the police knock on his door. And soon enough, he was captured on the same day and brought to Sentul Police Station, according to Jay. #GoPDRMGo

This reminds us to always be wary about our surroundings , because a split second is all it takes for things to turn upside down.

Also, don’t wait nor stall time. Immediately report the incident to the police like how the victim did so authorities could at least try to recover the lost belongings while the case is hot!

And perhaps being on live stream more often is not a bad thing at all!

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