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Malaysian Shares How He Paid RM50 and Got the “Best” Graduation Photo of Himself



I Paid RM50 For THIS? Graduates Shared Their Failed Photo Untimely Captured - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Okay, that’s it! Call the pulis!

Graduation is the most important chunk of ending your university years so to commemorate the moment, usually, the university will have a photographer on standby to take that finally-I-made-it-shot of you receiving your cert.

But reality hurts. Cameramen are humans too and humans make mistakes.

Nonetheless, we can still #feel this guy’s pain.

A Twitter user that goes by the name dannyalzainal tweeted his #failed graduation photo that he spent RM50 on. Of all the time he was on stage, the cameraman chose to click when his face was covered by a tassel!

Danny took it like a champ though, as he shared the amusing post filled with sarcasm.

He posted the video on Twitter with the caption, “Congrats, my 4 years of studying weren’t for nothing. I paid RM50 and it wasn’t for nothing. I am proud.”

We aren’t sure whether to cry or laugh as his one moment was captured as such!

Danny said in the post that his university definitely provided a protocol committee that helped them to prep properly so the tassel was intentionally placed on the right. If only the cameraman could have waited another second, the tassel would’ve been out of the way.

“Because the tassel would swing back and forth when we walk, and we were asked to walk quickly.”

That’s okay though, because it could happen to literally anyone.

Most amusingly, people who saw his post started sharing their own sad saddd graduation pictures.

Like this guy for instance…

…aaand this guy.

“Here, look at mine.”

Even if it’s not the infamous tassel, something would probably still happen because that’s just how it was meant to be, like these;

Where’s the fella?

fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Twitter

Sun-kissed to the max.

fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Twitter

Hey, don’t worry, even if it doesn’t make it to the wall, you’ve made our day.

“HAHAHAHAHA! Am I sinned for laughing?”

fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

“Sorry but I feel amused.”

fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

Source: Twitter

“Hahahaha.. Everyone, please be strong.”

fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ 7

“Sorry, but I laughed at all of these pictures.”

fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

To the next graduates, pray that your’s wouldn’t be as bad! 

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fail convo photo - WORLD OF BUZZ 8



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