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Malaysian Shares Frustrating Experience of Ignorant Man “Human Parking” in 1 Utama



Malaysian Shares Frustrating Experience of Man "Human Parking" in 1 Utama - World Of Buzz
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Malaysian parking styles have always been rather creative (double parking, anyone?), but nothing can ever beat the most annoying ‘human parking’ tactic.

A Facebook user Calvin Kwok shared his experience when he was looking for a parking in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, which has caught many users’ attention.

Source: Calvin Kwok

“This is the first time I encountered someone in 1 Utama, who tells me that public car parking bays can be booked. We made a few rounds and found a spot where the car was coming out but out of nowhere, this man appeared and stood in the empty lot and motioned to us that the space was no longer available.

“I already knew that he wanted to book the parking space but I wanted to find out the reason he was doing so. So I got down from the car and approached him to ask him. I asked him why was he standing there as I wanted to park at the empty lot and it was dangerous for him to do so.

Malaysian Man Shares Frustrating Experience with Man Trying to "Human Park" in 1 Utama - World Of Buzz

Source: Calvin Kwok

“He replied me saying, “I have already booked here. I am standing here. I am waiting for my friend to come here. They are looking for an empty parking bay. You can take my photo or whatever you want.

“I knew that he wouldn’t give up the spot but I just wanted to irritate him and we continued in this vein for more than 20 minutes, with me filming him and he also filmed me.

“So here you have it, the handsome guy who made my day at 1 Utama. And during the entire time I was having my debate with him, there was no sign of the security guards at all.

Malaysian Man Shares Frustrating Experience with Man Trying to "Human Park" in 1 Utama - World Of Buzz 1

Source: Calvin Kwok

He posted his experience on a public page but he wrote a more detailed account of his encounter on his Facebook profile where it turns out that the guy disappeared after some time and they saw a lady driving a Mercedes Benz parking in the spot. 

Calvin says, “She claims she is a Datin and wanted to know why we were taking photos of her car. We explained to her about the incident before that but she wasn’t satisfied with the answer and even called her husband who had a conversation with us. He tried to educate and scold us like little kids even though we tried to explain about the incident to him. I guess he got bored after a while and he just agreed with us and hung up.”

Well, it certainly sounds like Calvin had a helluva distressing night just to look for a parking spot!

And guys, please please please don’t be a human parker. It’ll only bring shame to your family!

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