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Malaysian Movie Partly Inspired by Disney’s ‘Cars’ to Screen Globally in 80 Countries



Malaysian Movie Partly Inspired by Disney's 'Cars' to be Screened in 80 Countries - World Of Buzz 3
Source: Kartun Studios
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According to the New Straits Times, Malaysia’s very own KRU Studios will be releasing its second animated film titled, Wheely in early 2018.

What’s even  more impressive is that Wheely is set to be screened in 80 countries, including China, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and even the United Kingdom. Wah, not bad!

“Last year, we entered pre-sale agreements with the 18 distributors representing these countries.”

“They are thrilled to screen Wheely in their respective territories,” said KRU Studios’ CEO, Datuk Norman Abdul Halim.

The 3D animated feature film is reportedly set in a city similar to present-day Kuala Lumpur, with its characters comprising talking motor vehicles. Hmm… now, where have we heard of a movie like that before?

Addressing the obvious, Datuk Norman said,

“It is partly inspired by the Disney film ‘Cars‘, but its cast is wholly Malaysian in their dialogue and mannerisms.”

The movie follows the adventures of a taxi named Wheely, who dreams of becoming the “king of the road”. However, he faces many obstacles along the way when he has to confront “elite cars and gangster lorries” to protect his family and friends.

Wheely will reportedly be released in English and Malay, with American actors voicing the English version, while popular local celebrities will voice the Malay version.

Well, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing Wheely when it comes out!


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