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Malaysian Man’s House Blocked By Strangers’ Cars, Police and MBPJ Couldn’t Do Anything



Malaysian Man's House Blocked By Cars, Police and MBPJ Couldn't Do Anything - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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Apparently, we’re on our own when it comes to situations like this!

Recently, a netizen living in Taman Subang Indah, Bandar Sunway came home only to find two strangers’ cars blocking the entrance to his house. That means he obviously cannot park on his own porch, and we all know how terribly frustrating that must be!

Feeling inconvenienced by this, he decided to take this issue to social media to boost awareness among Malaysian drivers. Here’s what he said.

“There’s a wedding or some sort of family function happening down the road from my house. “

“A dark grey or blue Perodua Viva and a silver Honda City ignorantly and blatantly blocked my house gate whereby I couldn’t drive or go out.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

He then called the police and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) for help, but sadly they said nothing could be done from their side. Not even issuing a summons?!

“I was helpless and very fed up as this happens several times a year, and I even have a ‘Do Not Park’ sign on my house gate!”

“We need to be responsible, considerate, and use our common sense when parking our cars so as not to bring inconvenience and trouble to house owners from entering and exiting their very own homes.”

Source: Facebook

If you think smashing the window and releasing the handbrake would solve the problem, you better think twice because that’s illegal and you would only land yourself in trouble!

This post received mixed reactions from netizens. Some reckoned that this problem is not that big of a deal and could be solved easily.

You just need to approach the emcee of the event and ask him to make an announcement for the car to be removed. The function is not an everyday thing. One day, you will have a similar function at your place too. It’s all about give and take,” one netizen said.

However, there were also some who criticised the inconsiderate drivers for blocking the entrance.

“I can be happy for your wedding or birthday celebration. I can be sad for your funeral, but that doesn’t automatically give you the right to inconvenience me, park in front of my house, waste my time, unless I specifically invite you to do it! What we are seeing from those ‘tolerate, lah’ comments is, ‘inconvenience others first, before inconveniencing ourselves’ “, another netizen commented. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know!

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