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Malaysian Man Epically Posts Ad on Classifieds Looking For Lady He Met During GE14



Man Is Looking For A Mysterious Lady He Met During The 14th General Election - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: The Star & PhotosBySaylor
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Listen to this post:

The 14th General Election was a major turning point for Malaysia. A majority of us on that day voted for a changed nation, so that we can have a better future. Fate has brought us all together to make the change, and for one man, fate has possibly brought his soulmate to him.

Gan, a man from Kota Kinabalu, put up an advertisement in the local newspaper looking for a lady he met during election day. The love-struck man was not able to stop thinking about her after a short moment they shared together.


Source: The Star

The ad read “You were so sweet & kind to shelter me with your umbrella, we had a good chat. You went to your car to get your outer shirt. We had to split when it was our turn to vote and I failed to ask you for your handphone number. I’d like to see you again. Please sms or WhatsApp me at 012-8358467. I await to hear from you.”

He told The Star,

“I have been thinking about this lady for months and I just want to be friends with her. I have no ill intentions but to sincerely find a friend whom I can hang out with.” 

He then elaborated that during the polling day, he was queuing up under the scorching sun when the lady came over and offered to share her umbrella with him while chatting about the weather. We all know that talking about the weather is usually a good icebreaker. 

They then parted ways after 20 minutes chatting like old friends as it was their turn to vote.

“I can’t get her off my mind. I hope to see her again, maybe go out for a cup of coffee,” he added. 

In a recent update by The Star, Gan explained that he is not concerned about the marital status of the lady as he just wants to meet her again and be friends. He has not been contacted by anyone yet since the day the advertisement went up.

“I am not losing hope yet,” he added

Gan expressed his gratitude to everyone online who has been supporting his efforts to find the woman, especially his good friends who encouraged him to put up the ad after he has been talking to them non stop about her for the past three months.

Hopefully Gan will be able to meet this umbrella lady again and maybe a wonderful friendship (or more) will happen! We support you Gan!

Have you or any of your friends went to such lengths in search for your missed connections? 😉 We salute this brader!

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